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Hemp Socks

Hemp Crew Socks Coming Soon

Organic Footwear with All-Natural Benefits

The yarn used to weave our hemp socks is more than just an environmentally-friendly alternative to non-organic cotton. Our eco-footwear breathes well and is more absorbent than cotton, making it better at wicking away sweat and moisture. Thanks to their natural antimicrobial and anti-mildew properties, our hemp socks fight foot odor without chemical deodorants, and each pair has a longer life than their cotton alternatives.

Socks see more wear and tear and have to be replaced more often than any other item of clothing. Making green choices should start from the ground up, with organic footwear manufactured from sustainably harvested and biodegradable fiber. Whether you are restocking or taking the first step in building your eco-conscious wardrobe, order your hemp socks from TriplePeaceĀ® and we will cover the shipping anywhere in the U.S.