Our Story

At TriplePeace®, we improve the environment through innovative and effective eco-friendly clothing. Our dedication to changing tomorrow for our customers fits closely with our strong focus on the community in which we work and live.

Launched in February 2013, TriplePeace® was formed and founded by Michael and Lori Gualtieri.

The TriplePeace® brand mark is depicted by the hand gesture formed with the palm of the hand facing outwards, the index, middle, ring and pinkie fingers open and the thumb closed.

The brand mark reflects the corporate vision of TriplePeace® to deliver triple peace to all for a happy life. The TriplePeace® hand gesture may be used as a greeting to others to spread the peace.

Superior eco-friendly clothing and accessories provides the promise of a brighter future by bringing about a healthier world today.  Our challenge, our vision and our mission are focused on changing tomorrow. "Live in Peace" is our corporate tag line.

“We will produce and distribute the most likeable and widely worn eco-friendly clothing. We will deliver products of outstanding quality.  We will clothe the world in sustainable clothing.”

"Live in Peace"