About TriplePeace®:

TriplePeace®, a unique lifestyle apparel company out of San Clemente, California. We feature fashion forward clothing for that easy going laid-back vibe.

We develop partnerships with environmental charities that advocate towards protecting the natural environment which allows us to provide valuable donations. TriplePeace® donations are provided to help the environment without any religious or political affiliations.

We provide you, the consumer the buying power to make a difference in the environment. When buying TriplePeace® apparel, you are helping environmental charities grow and build a better livelihood for all.

Our mission is to inform and inspire the fashion-conscious and environmental-minded, alike.

Join us and help save the environment while looking fashionable and preserve our heritage for future generations.

Let’s change the world together. Don’t be so basic.


Does TriplePeace® give back?

TriplePeace® is comprised of a team who believes in a healthy and sustainable environment. We not only want this for ourselves, but for future generations to come. That is the TriplePeace® way. We know that the environment is what sustains us, so we are fighting to sustain it, too.

While we are certainly committed to producing and selling our unique lifestyle apparel, we also share a deep dedication to protect our environment.

We are happy to donate money to protect our environment. Every two weeks we will offer campaign-specific t-shirts featuring a new charity that believes in one or all of our causes. When you buy one of our campaign-specific t-shirts, TriplePeace® will donate $4 to that specific charity. Even if you do not buy a campaign-specific t-shirt, TriplePeace® will donate $4 for each t-shirt sold during that specific campaign. This money helps supports environmental causes. This is our gesture to help protect the environment.

If you want to help support the environment through TriplePeace®, be sure to act quickly! Demand is high for our campaign-specific collection. This means that they typically sell out fast and are only available during the two week specific campaign.

Consumers know that most companies put profits before people and the environment. TriplePeace® does not. We are proud to profit the environment. Peace. That is, TriplePeace®.

Every time a TriplePeace® t-shirt is purchased, the environment is helped through our generous environmental charity campaign donations.

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