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SURF EXPO JAN 08-10 2015 BOOTH #614

Drop in on TriplePeace®

Surfing and board design are evolving to unfathomable levels by the day. The aerial assault with ever lighter and stronger boards, and warmer wetsuits, have progressed to almost science fiction levels.

The surf wear apparel showroom, on the other hand, has remained stagnant, filled with the same old brands and styles. In short, it has simply failed to keep pace with surfing's revolution.

It's time to drop in on something new. Introducing TriplePeace®.

TriplePeace® clothing is built by surfers for surfers who crave as many style points in the water as when out.

When the session is over, or before it begins, TriplePeace® is the essence of soul and peace. Our clothing for men and women includes tanks, shirts, hoodies and hats designed with our new TriplePeace® logo.

Clearly, more and more surfers are standing out in the lineup, performing maneuvers unthinkable a decade ago. Be a standout anywhere with TriplePeace®. Casual enough for the shore and sharp enough for the night out.

TriplePeace® is endorsed by surfing legend Greg Weaver, with old-school pics of Weaver emblazoned on custom-designed TriplePeace® apparel.

Made to order. Built in America. Quality Apparel. Drop in on TriplePeace®.

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